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Charles A, Coulombe

Posts on Mondays

Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe Books

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Raymond de Souza, KM

Posts on Wednesdays

Raymond de Souza KM

Raymond de Souza KM Books

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Avellina Balestri

Posts on Thursdays

Avellina Balestri

Founding Member & Editor-in-Chief of The Fellowship of the King


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Father John Higgins

Posts on Fridays



Saint Raymond Parish Downey, California

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Alan Scott

Posts Bi-Weekly on Saturdays

Alan Scott

Catholic Blogger 


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Richard Metzger

Posts Bi-Weekly on Saturdays

Richard Metzger

Richard Metzger has written the Foreword for

Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in Art: A visual prayer book & Art Anthology (2015)

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If you are interested in Today’s Saints, Feasts & Solemnities, All Catholic Related History for this Day and the Daily Mass Readings for Both the EF & OF of the Latin Rite

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